The importance of a good, nude high heel.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They will elongate. They will go with everything and anything. They will give you height, confidence, and oomph you never knew you had.

I've been lusting over the Louboutin platform knotted pump , ever since I slipped them on at a luxury boutique in Pacific Palisades, and my husband said "damn baby, I've never seen you wear shoes that hot!" ~ Literally, lusting. I kept dreaming about them at night and trying to find a way to convince my budget (and the man who gave the compliment) that these were a necessity. I was dying (a slower, calmer, $600 cheaper) death over the Stuart Weitzman Avignon pump in Adobe when I tried them on for the store manager one afternoon, convincing him of an additional 20% off, and zipping around the store with such comfort and ease that I actually felt like I could run in them (don't worry, the moment passed.) But when I lay eyes on these babies from across the room at a forever21 for $20!!..... well, let's just say that I was sold.

I'm not saying the Christian Louboutin's or Stuart Weitzman's aren't worth the money. I happen to believe they are worth every penny. And they can make a little "nothing" of a dress look like a trillion bucks. But sometimes, it's just not in the cards to get EVERY expensive thing you lust after. It is a recession after all.

If you wear something well, (even an inexpensive something) it can look fantastic. My husband and dear friend (former fashion model of the Vogue persuasion) always chastise me for giving away too much information about how much things cost. Look, I'm proud of my bargains. If I found a gorgeous vintage jumpsuit for $5 at a thrift store, and pair it with $100 Joie cardigan , who will ever know? No one. Unless you ask. And then I will be happy to tell.

Why I love Venice Beach

Roshi and Nova. Angels on Abbot Kinney.

Rude woman with tattoos.

Sunday Afternoon

Did you ever wonder what your future would look like? What the man you hoped you'd end up with would be like? How you'd spend a Sunday afternoon together...?

Friends, Fotos and Letting Go...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A very recent inspiration of mine is photography. I have some endlessly talented photographer friends who have inspired and taught me so much throughout the years, that I have boldly dared to pick up a camera myself. My new mommy best friend has saved my soul and faith in friendship on so many occasions lately. And not only is she a fab photographer (and actress!), but pretty damn funny too. Click on her bio, watch her acting reel. You will pee your pants.

My journey continues to create and learn, as I document my most blessed life. A friend who I had previously lost touch with (a new mommy life can do that) came over the other night after several attempts at getting together. After the baby fell asleep, and a couple of glasses of wine, we got back into our old groove of playing dress-up and taking pictures. This photo above was taken in my home, from the iphone hipstamatic (can you believe it?) It's an application that summons a nostalgic era of decades past, where plastic camera's with golden shutters were the way to go. In addition to being so much fun, it forces you to see photography in a different way. It's all about shadows and light. I'm obsessed. And if I didn't already have a thousand reasons to get an iphone, here's another.

I am reminded daily of how far I've come, and how different life is now in every way. There was a time when I would have mourned the loss of each changing season, and grasped to hold tightly to the times and people I once held so dear. But then I look around and see how this moment is so beautifully MINE, and remember a time in the not-so-distant past, when I couldn't wait to get HERE. Hello NOW... I'm so glad you've arrived.

Cleaning That Closet

First things first. I can't very well inspire the desire for fabulous-ness without being honest with myself. My closet needs A LOT of work. It's a constant battle, and since becoming a mother, my limited time has become even more scarce (can I get an amen, mommies?) So... let's make a goal together to finalize, streamline, and CLEAN OUT, once and for all.

Some tips:
1. If you don't wear it. You never will.
2. Cheap looking clothing - if it looks cheap, so will you. (This doesn't mean we can't look fab on a dime, we'll get into that later)
3. Why do you have 5 pairs of ugly sweats? Keep one, toss the rest, and create a beautiful, at-home, cozy wardrobe. (You and your significant other will thank me)
4. Get rid of the velour tracksuits. I'm guilty of having one tucked away in my closet as well... But nobody has looked cool in these in a very long time.
5. Let's get back to #1 - Interesting &/or beautiful clothing in decent condition can be sold or traded for something you will actually wear.
My favorites:
Crossroads Trading
Buffalo Exchange
These chains buy and sell used clothing. Bring in your bags of unwanted merch, and they'll sort and buy according to what they need in the store. You get a percentage back in cash, or a higher percentage back in credit to shop at the store. I always do the latter. The other day I sold 4 pairs of designer jeans, a purse, and a couple of tops, and left the store with 2 amazing pairs of jeans (that I will actually wear!), a gorgeous hat for my husband, and spent just $9 out of pocket.
6. Whatever you cannot sell, donate. DON'T hang on to it. I like to first give to those in need in my immediate circle (little sisters, niece, nanny) ~ then the rest I drop at goodwill. It's freeing!

The Beginning

Friday, March 26, 2010

I wanted to share my very first post with a photo of a friend (well, a photo of her feet) who inspired me to finally do what I've been dying to do for a while now... But more on that later.

This was taken on the steps leading up to Bar Bouchon , a new Thomas Keller Beverly Hills French Bistro, where we were having lunch to celebrate the engagement of my little sister.

Spending the last thirteen years in LA (has it been that long?!) with an affinity for art, film, fashion, and the oh-so-finer-things in life, (while often on a starving artist salary) I have learned a few things...

First of all, the art of making $100 (or even $10!) look like a million... splurging where necessary (because sometimes it just is, damn it!) creating beauty in your surroundings, loving what you have, remembering what's truly important, and living your most fabulous life.

Thank you for going on this journey with me!