Beauty Trick: Gorgeous Gams

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm a fan of the occasional spray tan (best one in L.A. here) but for the days when that's just not possible, I have a trick that keeps my (naturally pasty) legs looking golden, flawless and shimmer-tastic!

  • Mix equal parts of your favorite foundation (it works best if you have a color that's a bit dark for you, such as your summer color, or perhaps a foundation accidentally purchased a shade too dark.)
  • And equal parts of your favorite lotion. I like to use the kind that has a bit of shimmer to it.
  • And a touch (just a touch!) of self tanning cream.
  • Rub on legs as you would regular lotion. Use the remaining on your arms.
  • Wash your hands. Let your legs dry a bit before putting on clothing. They will look flawless!

Grey Matter

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When I purchased this tee at H&M, I didn't know how I would wear it, I just knew that I would.
Getting ready (and excited) for a night out with the girls... A comfy, slouchy tee is the right choice paired with a little lacy number, favorite booties, and some fun jewelry.
H&M tshirt, vintage lace skirt,
Forever21 ankle boot - still available! (also seen here),
Anthropologie headband (here too), vintage necklace.  

Heat Wave: Abbot Kinney Festival!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Angeleno's... can I get an amen?  How hot was it this weekend?!  And apparently this heat wave isn't over yet,  so hopefully you haven't packed away all of your summer gear (like I have!)
 I basically threw an old lacy dress over a slip and headed out the door (family in tow!)
There was much to see and do, despite the scorching heat.  Including my favorite past time...
I was truly in my element when I spotted a sidewalk sale from one of Abbot's finest vintage, selling a basket full of goodies for $5!  I found an adorable peach dress (circa late 70's/early 80's), that will be perfection once I have it tailored a bit.  (Just you wait!)
I also noticed this Bare Essentials makeup truck (that I keep seeing everywhere!) that does quick makeup touch ups.  What do we think, girls ~ would you stop here?
Oh, and I practically stalked this girl to try and snap a picture.  She was so lovely with her bright red flower, & matching matte red lips, cycling around the festival...
If the lines weren't so long for lemonade, and the heat wasn't practically unbearable, we would have stayed a bit longer...
 Perhaps to do some antiquing for our little bungalow...
We opted instead for a six pack on the walk home, and some back yard hammock swinging... 
 OK, summer... jokes over.  Can we have our fall back now?

Harvest Moon ~ Fall Equinox

Friday, September 24, 2010

Saying hello to Fall has never been more magical. Not since 1991 has a Full Moon occurred on the same night as the Autumn Equinox. And not until 2029 will it happen again. This rare and mystical occurance took place last night around 11pm... what were you doing?
Taking one last chance to wear my beloved boho kaftans and warm summer night gear, the hubs and I sat on our back porch swing, sipped champagne, and talked about the holidays to come.
We also caught a concert on TV of James Taylor & Carole King performing live at L.A.'s Troubadour back in 2007. An epic night that I wish I could have experienced...

I am in sincere awe of both of them. Something about each of their voices brings me into such a calm state of peace and childlike happiness, that I can't help but smile, dance, and remember wonderful days in my lifetime... like a slide show of memories with each favorite tune...
Check out this video of them both back in 1971 performing So Far Away. (Miss King was so adorable and stunningly beautiful! ~ A long haired hippie man Taylor wasn't so bad himself!)
Sending much love and wishes for a beautiful fall season, filled with everything that makes you feel good. xx

Army Green Military Jacket

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies! It's no secret that the army green military jacket is a fall fashion staple. Worn casually or over a whisper of a skirt or dress, it's a must piece (that I have been wearing non-stop since last winter!)

(The above gorgeous finds via Mango )

So I was literally freaking out when I found this jacket for just dollars. Go right now to Charlotte Russe and pick one up for $17.99 on sale!

I can see this belted, or worn under a cool buttery leather with the super cute little hoodie peaking out. The key with this kind of piece is layering.
(Alexa and Drew rockin' some stylish inspiration!)

You're welcome! xx

Thrift score: blue dress/gold purse

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The thing I love most about fashion these days, is it's sort of ~ anything goes. When inspired, and depending on my mood, I can usually pull together pieces from thrift, modern designers, and the trusty save faves to create the look and feel I desire.
Sure it's important to keep an eye on trends, but if something fits well & makes you feel good, I say go for it!
It's no surprise I love all things vintage & I'm constantly inspired by bloggers like Tavi and Roz who pull together these eclectic ensembles with such grace.
On my way to meet a girlfriend for drinks, I was feeling a bit feminine & flapper (a la American Woman) so I went with this gold F21 headband. The purse ~ excellent condition, exquisite beading detail (& I was able to talk the sales lady down from $20 to $9!)
This vintage blue and black dress was a redesign that I found on my latest thrift shop for $8. I adore the top, but am considering hacking off the skirt and wearing it with black jeans & boots this fall. Thoughts?
Since I decided to go East Coast style and walk to meet my friend for drinks, I went with ballet flats & my favorite tiny leather jacket.
Oh, and... ladies? Let's try not to take our selves so seriously, shall we? Have fun! xx

Blessed is this Life

Monday, September 20, 2010

This weekend was filled with late night laughs with family, birthday celebrations, a cake and a craft or two, my beloved thrift score shopping, and sweet moments with my guy. I can't wait to share my finds and joys with all of you.

Here's some highlights:
(The best thrift store ever!!)
(Little bro in town!)
(The easiest, prettiest paper lanterns!)
(Cranium war paint. Sister style. What up?!)
(It all comes back to him...)

Fashion's Night Out/Part II

Friday, September 17, 2010

A week ago today, last friday, (and on the heels of my latest how-to) I decided I'd wear one of my recent thrift scores to the much anticipated Fashion's Night Out on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, CA.
Deciding what to wear was sort of a no brainer, as I live for these kinds of fashion opportunities.
This little sparkly number was originally a shirt (I'm guessing to a shirt/skirt combo? Ew!) But I decided the shirt was just long enough to wear as a dress. (I rocked tights & tiny shorts underneath, just to be sure!)
I actually purchased the denim jacket on the same
thrifting day, not knowing I'd wear them together, but it ended up being a perfect fit! (just like this studded wrap belt I was 'this close' to purchasing!)
It truly was a divine experience, mixing all the things I adore the most...
Including another reason to dress up with my (other) favorite guy.
So go ahead ~ make bold choices. Decide that shirt was meant to be a dress. Wear blue nail polish, skip to the bar... Live, breathe, laugh and love out loud.