Details... & a vintage tee {story}

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have a funny story that you probably won't believe. One of my best friends was shopping at an outdoor mall here in LA many, many years ago, when he was approached by one half of a celebrity couple. The male half of the couple asked him if he could literally buy the shirt off of his back. It was a cool vintage tee that my friend adored, but he was so starstruck and taken aback by the request that he agreed. The celeb couple then took him shopping to pick out any shirt he wanted to wear home. 

It was Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie. 

I pulled a similar move and offered to buy this Magic Castle t-shirt off of someone's back when I saw her wearing it a few months back. She didn't even know what the Magic Castle was and happily agreed to a trade instead of cash. I gave her a cool, striped shirt in return. How's that for star power?

This moves me

Current drugstore beauty obsessions

Monday, January 28, 2013

OK, I never really jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon when it was all the hype. But this baby is the bomb. I don't really know what it's doing, but what it's doing is good. I had previously been splurging on this and I'm just as happy (if not more) with this. Sold. Done. Every day. Thank you.

Maybelline Great Lash is endorsed by my mother and her mother (and probably her mother too), the first mascara I ever put on my eyes, a timeless favorite of makeup artists and friends alike, and something I always go back to. This new wand created for Lots of Lashes though, really is something special. It gets all those tiny baby lashes that are usually missed and really does what it claims. You have a ton of lashes! My only complaint is the way it flakes a bit and feels a little on the stiff side. Otherwise, gold.

I don't know if I've mentioned this Outlast Lip Color before (forgive my baby brain if I have) but this stuff...THIS STUFF is amazing. Since a red lip is my every day go to, I wear this baby non-stop. Speaking of baby, baby - I can kiss my little dude all day long with this stuff and it never rubs off. The moisturizing top coat keeps things smooth and can be reapplied throughout the day. I just wish, wish, wish it came in a bright retro red. This vintage loving girl would be in heaven. In the meantime, this coral color keeps me happy.

Anything you're loving at your local drugstore lately?

Natalie Morale's sparkly wrist cover for the Golden Globes

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well, tonight is the SAG Awards and I must admit, when award season comes around, I do miss acting a bit. It's such a sparkly time to dive into those little girl dreams of becoming a star, wearing that perfect dress... walking that crimson carpet. And even now, though my nights are spent watching from a cozy couch, all wrapped up in a different kind of dream, I can't help but feel so proud of some of my friends who have made it that far. Some friends who make those "dreamers" look and feel amazing.
Natalie Morales, news anchor for the Today Show, covered the Globes a couple of weeks ago with an injured hand. Her stylist originally made her a flesh tone cover for her unsightly cast, which was decorated with stones and serious bling. But while the cover was pretty, it just didn't go with Natalie's dress at all. Step in; my extremely talented friend, costume designer and wardrobe stylist for the Golden Globes, Sonia Woodfield.

Now, let me just back up to tell you that I met Sonia years ago when I was acting in a Sci Fi film, and I know first hand that this woman can work miracles. I have truly never met anyone who can whip up such crazy beautiful wardrobe pieces on sometimes crazy ridiculous time constraints. So I was not surprised when she told me how this cast cover (that has received amazing press and praise) was created on the fly! Sonia had just one day before the Globes to find the fabric and design something that would work! She searched high and low and found the perfect stretch lace fabric and tiny beaded detail that not only complimented Natalie's dress, but didn't distract from it, which was key. Sonia also made the decision to leave her casted thumb out of the wrap so that from afar, it just looked like a cool, fingerless glove. Genius. Shout out to my girl, "Sons" as I like to call her. You do amazing work!

Little trivia: Sonia also designed and handmade my wedding dress. You can see it here.

{Picture Today Show}

Casual Night Out (Husband's jeans)

Friday, January 25, 2013

*Side note - this clutch was thrifted many years ago and I decided one night to splash some acrylic paint onto it, Pollack style. From there, an idea was born to customize jeans and things with paint and poems. They were sold in a boutique in Hollywood for a while. Years later, I still love this clutch and can't stop distressing jeans in this way. 

Ok, first off - everything I'm wearing here (sans shoes) is thrifted. I love realizing that after I put together a new outfit. Secondly, this here is an almost mirror image of the look I showed you yesterday, but just amped a bit for night. Quick change out from black V-neck tee to this satiny button-up, a dab more lipstick, heels on, hair up, done!
Don't forget to check yesterday's post to compare this look from Day to Night!

Casual Day (Husband's hat & jeans)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We're packing up to move soon (more on that later) and I've been forced to seriously evaluate my closet piece by piece. I've been sorting and purging, packing and labeling, trying to decide what to keep, what to store, what to sell and what to leave out to wear now. For this particular day, I was happy to rediscover these jeans that I was able to wear for day and night. Stay tuned for how I dressed them up in an almost identical way tomorrow!

*Side note - I originally got these jeans for the hubs at a thrift store for around $5. They had white paint drippings all over them, which reminded me of some jeans I used to make and sell in Hollywood. (More on that later too.) I decided to bleach them out and rip them up a bit and placed them neatly into a drawer next to his carefully selected Levi's. Well, they've been sitting there for over a year now and never been worn, so guess what, honey? They're mine. I might just permanently steal your hat and belt too.

Jeans - Thrifted redesign
Tee - Old Navy
Hat & Belt - Husband's
Faux Snakeskin Flats - ideeli
Necklace - Vintage

East West Mamas: A Collaboration of Style

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When I was approached by a fellow blogging buddy to start some collaborations for the new year, I was so excited. Truth is, the relationships and friendships I've built within the blogger community is my favorite thing about November Grey. Well, favorite thing next to discovering and styling new fashion. Combine those two elements and I'm thrilled! 

This is my girl, Carly. She is fabulous. Her blog, Thirty Something Fashion is a must read. She's a "thirty something" fashionista living on the east coast, former NFL cheerleader (I know!), stylist who runs her own unique, personal shopping business (check out her services here) and mother of two adorable boys. She seems to do it all, all while looking incredible. I just adore Carly because every time I visit her site, I'm inspired. And it's funny how our lives, from east-to-west, are running so parallel sometimes. (Our baby boys were born just weeks apart!)

We decided for our first collaboration, it would be fun to show us wearing the same dress, each styled in our own way! Introducing... the Block Party Shift by London Times!

I loved this dress immediately because it felt very "mod" and very much within the vibe of my new haircut. So I threw on a vintage redesign military jacket that cost me about $1 and I was lovin' the look.
The booties I scored at DSW for a major steal and despite their Kardashian heights, are truly very comfortable. 
I love how each sleeve and side of this dress shows a different design... and it felt very sophisticated, like I should be headed to an art gallery or something. 
Beneath the military, it just looks like a killer color block skirt. I'm already dreaming up other ways to wear it. 

And now you must head over to Carly's blog to see how she styled it in her own way! Even better? She's going to give you a chance to win THIS VERY DRESS or the necklace she's wearing in her post! So hurry on over to enter!

Dress - c/o London Times
Booties - DSW (similar here)
Military Jacket - Vintage Redesign by Secondhand Star

It's a good day already.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I took the past two weeks off of "dieting" (although Weight Watchers isn't really dieting) to just let my body rest and adjust and take the stress off of worrying about my post pregnancy body and losing the rest of the baby weight. After all, I have so many more important things to worry about. (Exhibit A above) 
So, it's a good day indeed when I jumped on the scale this morning, only to find that those last few pounds I had been worrying about... had simply melted away. I'm back. Mama's back!! And you were worth every bit of it, little guy. 

Try to go easy on yourselves today.

With Love,
T xx

PS - Sneak peek at a dress I'll be wearing tomorrow for a super cool collaboration with a fellow blogger friend. Stay tuned!

Boots, bangs, bob, stripes.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Out the door and trying to predict the weather these days has been quite a challenge. I'd never be one to wear flip flops in January (even if we are headed into high 70's some days) - it just doesn't seem right! Plus, the second the sun goes down, it's been dipping to the mid 30's on some nights ---- collllld!
These knee-high boots still feel winter appropriate, while the mini keeps me from overheating in the Cali sun.
Side note - I'm loving having shorter hair as it feels so light and free. I'm actually considering going shorter like Katie Holmes did when she first signed marital contracts with Tom... remember the cut here? So fabulous. Maybe the chopping of the hair is just an addictive thing, like getting tattoos. Two of my sisters have sleeves, guess I could end up bald. We shall see...

New Year/New Hair

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still getting used to the new hair and keep forgetting that it's no longer there... Like when I try to wring it out after a shower, or pull it on top of my head at night. There's a certain freedom in having shorter hair and I'm loving the feeling. Actually considering going shorter.

Met an old friend in town from New York for breakfast in Beverly Hills and he reminded me that the last time my hair was this short, we were roommates, still living and dying for acting class and that next gig. Oh, my... how life has changed.

I threw the faux fur vest on over my vintage denim on the way out the door because it's been so chilly lately. Chilly for LA, that is. (East coasters, feel free to laugh.)

Hope you're having a happy week!

That day I cut all my hair off... {for Locks of Love}

Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, guys... I did it!
Here I am at Color Lab Tierrasal with owner/hair master Juvencio Jimenez, discussing the cut and length we need to donate to Locks of Love. Juvi was the perfect man for this job because he's more of an artist than anything else and I knew I'd get something amazing. 

{You should check out his work on Instagram @colorlabtierrasal}
No, really... he's amazing... and not scary at all. {Not pictured, champagne courage.}
Deep breath. 
Here we go...
This piece is going to make a wig for a little angel baby who needs it more than I do... and I can't tell you how incredible that feels. 
A little color to add dimension... 
And we're done! 

They say it's important to do things that scare you. They also say that real happiness comes from authentically giving of ones self, from the heart, to another.  In this case, I successfully did both. And it feels like a fantastic way to start the year.

If you're not aware of what Locks of Love does, have a read about it here

Bye Bye Long Hair

Saturday, January 12, 2013

W118 by Walter Baker Leather Jacket, Hipster G. Bra, Old Navy Tee, Grey Skinnies via Urban Outfitters, Madden Girl Booties

Just moments before my transformation, downtown LA, waiting to see the hair master, Juvencio Jimenez of Color Lab Tierrasal. I have to admit that I was pretty damn nervous. But I had already made the decision to donate my ridiculously long mane to Locks of Love and that motivation kept me strong. This hair, these long overdue, outgrown strands have seen me through the past several years and so many changes. The birth of my two children, the segue into motherhood and (lately) top knot, after top knot...

I feel like I've had long hair for most of my life and I'm so ready for a change.  I am ready to be a bit lighter, a bit freer, a bit more of a grown-up, a woman... and this year feels like the time to do it.

Check in next week to see the new me! Or if you follow me on Instagram {@novembergrey}, you may have already gotten a sneak peek.

Hope you're feeling bold and brave.