The importance of a good, nude high heel.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They will elongate. They will go with everything and anything. They will give you height, confidence, and oomph you never knew you had.

I've been lusting over the Louboutin platform knotted pump , ever since I slipped them on at a luxury boutique in Pacific Palisades, and my husband said "damn baby, I've never seen you wear shoes that hot!" ~ Literally, lusting. I kept dreaming about them at night and trying to find a way to convince my budget (and the man who gave the compliment) that these were a necessity. I was dying (a slower, calmer, $600 cheaper) death over the Stuart Weitzman Avignon pump in Adobe when I tried them on for the store manager one afternoon, convincing him of an additional 20% off, and zipping around the store with such comfort and ease that I actually felt like I could run in them (don't worry, the moment passed.) But when I lay eyes on these babies from across the room at a forever21 for $20!!..... well, let's just say that I was sold.

I'm not saying the Christian Louboutin's or Stuart Weitzman's aren't worth the money. I happen to believe they are worth every penny. And they can make a little "nothing" of a dress look like a trillion bucks. But sometimes, it's just not in the cards to get EVERY expensive thing you lust after. It is a recession after all.

If you wear something well, (even an inexpensive something) it can look fantastic. My husband and dear friend (former fashion model of the Vogue persuasion) always chastise me for giving away too much information about how much things cost. Look, I'm proud of my bargains. If I found a gorgeous vintage jumpsuit for $5 at a thrift store, and pair it with $100 Joie cardigan , who will ever know? No one. Unless you ask. And then I will be happy to tell.