The Perfect Red Lip

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You'd think with two makeup artist sisters, who also happen to wear signature red lips nearly every day, I'd have this situation covered. But it's been on my "to do" list for quite some time now, and I finally found a moment today to find the most magical of lip colors... the perfect vintage red.

Maybe it has something to do with vampires (I did write a screenplay, you know) so sexy and forbidden and never growing old...

I prefer an old-school look that is classic yet pulled together in one swipe. Seductive yet demure all at once. I've never been one to wear a TON of makeup (except for Jr. High and that's just forgivable in my book) so I could never quite feel "me" in a fire engine red that my glamorous sisters (and so many others) tend to pull off with ease.
OH but Zooey can... perfection.

I found that the colors I was drawn to tended to lean a little more on the orange side (like these gorgeous Aldo leather Haydock Sandals I tried on today - so cute with socks too!) but I'm fair skinned, and have a lust for all things vintage, soft, and pretty. The key is finding a red that's right for you.

I started off at Chanel and tried on three lovely shades.... I was nearly sold on the coromandel long wear lipstick, but although time-honored and really nice, it was a bit too glossy and red-red. So I moved on to Yves Saint Laurent and found a gorgeous shade (in a gorgeous tube!) #150 Rouge Pur that made my lips sing. (Ok, I didn't sing, but I smiled a lot at my reflection in the mirror like a crazy woman)...

But I still wanted something a bit more matte, a bit more "me" and l truly found it in NARS HEATWAVE. This color is so perfect, that it's a favorite on the set of Mad Men (don't you just love that show?) and three hours later, as I type my devotion out loud, it still lingers, like that butterfly in your stomach after a really good kiss.

It makes me want to be bolder in my home choices as well, like the act of simply wearing this lipstick will transform me into a daydream of fabulousness a la Kelly Wearstler in the foyer of her Beverly Hills home.

One can dream...