Twirl ~ Calypso Cross Back Dress/H&M Sweater Vest

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm loving the femininity of skirts and dresses of spring, aren't you? I confessed my online desire for all the yumminess that Calypso is doing at the moment here, and when I walked outside with my favorite new dress, and a bright sunshiny face to go along with it, I realized the weather was a bit more on the moody side. It's amazing how much wear I've gotten out of this H&M sweater vest. You know how magazines do the "cost per wear" thing? Well, considering I got this baby for $20 bucks... I'm at about... 10 cents per wear? I'm no math whiz, but that makes me happy.

Dress - Calypso
Sweater - H&M (also worn here and here)
Shoes - Canvas & Rope ~ Bamboo
Bracelet - Vintage via thrift
Headband - Stretch lace