Sunday Finds - Monday Morning - Crisp White

Monday, August 1, 2011

When I just couldn't bear the thought of anymore budgeting, cooking or cleaning by the end of the week, we decided to scrap the ground turkey and take a family trip to Pitfire Pizza
(My fave weekend spot - it's like the ultimate hip party place for young families. Mom's can have a glass of wine, dad's can have a beer... kiddies run around with other kiddies until their meal arrives, which they devour. They sometimes even have a DJ. Everyone leaves happy. Heaven on a Sunday.) 
Anyway, it was so easy to throw on my "new" white linen shirt I found for a buck a couple Sunday's back. (See that post here
I knew I could wear it a million different ways, but when I popped on these leather shorts (last seen here), I got the wide-eyed hubs approval. So I threw on his hat, some comfy walkin' boots & a scarf made out of scraps from this dress here. 
All in all, a perfect end to an exhausting but beautiful week. (Especially since I found these scores below that morning!)

White Suit. $1.00 ~ Vintage circa 1980's... Just need to take the jacket in a bit. But the skirt actually fits to perfection. I'll just shorten the hem.

Wrap Sweater $4.00 ~ Working part-time for Calypso St Barth home design, I'm surrounded by all things beautiful on a constant basis. In women's fashion, they have some seriously stylish wraps & sweaters (see on me here and online here), so my eye was immediately drawn to this similar style sweater.

And the ultimate, ultimate, ULTIMATE score of the day ~ these amazing STUART WEITZMAN heeled loafers! $5.00! Could you die?
The raised heel, the little tassels, the perfect brown suede... so many ways to rock these for Fall!
P.S. For those of you with the "ick factor" for used shoe shopping, I offer you this: Find a good shoe repair place. Have them cleaned, buffed out, and resoled on the inside. Good as new. Well, if "new" has you out five bucks.

And lastly, this amazing red and gold chain belt that I plan on wearing as a necklace as well. $3.00!

Happy bargain hunting, lovelies! Have a fabulous week!

White linen shirt - $1.00 thrift
Leather shorts - Unknown via Crossroads Trading Co.
Boots - Aldo
The hub's hat - Robert Graham