Former actress and model, Tanya Dempsey began her career in horror films in Los Angeles in the late nineties. Tanya made a name for herself as a B-movie queen, culling a large fan base and dominating the covers of multiple, horror and fashion magazines, such as Femme Fatale. Tanya’s lifelong interest in the world of fashion became a natural progression from acting to styling, as she began a second career behind the scenes. Sought out by many for her unique sense of style using vintage and thrifted fashion along with designer and affordable brands, she began styling for shoots and interviewing talent for behind the scenes editorials.

As her audience grew, Tanya found that she had a real knack for putting together teams of individuals who could execute her unique vision of storytelling in the world of beauty and fashion. Brands began to come to Tanya to create videos and look books for them. With commissions flooding in, Tanya and a partner put together a team and launched Séchoir TV, a style and beauty video and branding production company. While Tanya loved Sechoir's great success, and loved working with her amazing partner and team, she missed the focus of November Grey that was her own style and vision. 

And thus, Tanya has re-launched November Grey as a blog as well as a versatile, multifaceted visual-content production company under the same name, where Tanya as the lead visionary, calls on the skills and talents of her favorite artists and craftspeople, using the right people for each particular project.

It is Tanya's hope that original fans of November Grey will continue to find this a place of inspiration for styling tips and shopping advice, as well as a work-in-progress memoir from the perspective of a female entrepreneur and mom-on-the-go.