Friends, Fotos and Letting Go...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A very recent inspiration of mine is photography. I have some endlessly talented photographer friends who have inspired and taught me so much throughout the years, that I have boldly dared to pick up a camera myself. My new mommy best friend has saved my soul and faith in friendship on so many occasions lately. And not only is she a fab photographer (and actress!), but pretty damn funny too. Click on her bio, watch her acting reel. You will pee your pants.

My journey continues to create and learn, as I document my most blessed life. A friend who I had previously lost touch with (a new mommy life can do that) came over the other night after several attempts at getting together. After the baby fell asleep, and a couple of glasses of wine, we got back into our old groove of playing dress-up and taking pictures. This photo above was taken in my home, from the iphone hipstamatic (can you believe it?) It's an application that summons a nostalgic era of decades past, where plastic camera's with golden shutters were the way to go. In addition to being so much fun, it forces you to see photography in a different way. It's all about shadows and light. I'm obsessed. And if I didn't already have a thousand reasons to get an iphone, here's another.

I am reminded daily of how far I've come, and how different life is now in every way. There was a time when I would have mourned the loss of each changing season, and grasped to hold tightly to the times and people I once held so dear. But then I look around and see how this moment is so beautifully MINE, and remember a time in the not-so-distant past, when I couldn't wait to get HERE. Hello NOW... I'm so glad you've arrived.