Twins, Plans, and Coming out of the Closet

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two of my constant muses are my little sisters. They just so happen to be twins, but so complexly different in so many ways, that it irritates me when people refer to them so generically as "the twins" in title or conversation.

One thing they have in common is crazy, unique style. Their occupations as makeup artists are equally as glamorous and no doubt lend a hand in their fabulousness personified. This is a rare moment for little sis, sans a stitch of makeup and without her usual signature red lips ~ (more on finding the perfect red lip later!)

I captured this shot the other day while on step 1 of my closet reconstruction tour. It helps to have a second eye when discarding your semi-precious goods into oblivion. Scratch that - make it a third, or even fourth eye if you're sentimental like I am. I found that I was not as cut-throat as I would have hoped when cleaning out my closet. And little sister got lost in the "oh-remember-when..." trap just as easily as I did.

So, it was an exhilarating rush when my gorgeous (in spirit and style) friend came over yesterday and helped me with step 2 - the eliminating.

Things I learned:
  1. If you're embarrassed to show your friend an item of clothing in your closet - get rid of it.
  2. If you feel the need to justify an article of clothing - sayonara!
  3. If it looks better on the floor than on you - hello!
  4. If your item invokes an outburst of song and dance into Ace of Base's "I saw the sign" ~ you should be ashamed of yourself.
  5. Would you, in all seriousness, purchase this item in a store, that you're so fervently contemplating?
  6. Is there a better version of this item available today?
  7. And lastly, (must I even say it?) only take advice from someone who's style you admire. If not, it's like asking a poor man to help you balance your checkbook.
Good luck, lovlies. xo