Lucky You

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ladies, I'm going to give you a really fun cleaning house project:

If you're like me, you have room upon room full of fashion and home magazines, all dogeared and set aside for that next free moment to wish, dream, plan, and hopefully make some of those sparkling visions a reality.

But those magazines are just gathering dust. Are you really going to reread them? Save for the momentous article or special collection issues (I happen to have a plan to set aside a years worth of every Vogue issue since the month of my daughters birth) these babies need to be tossed.

Anyway, inspired by my pending move at the end of the month, (and a desire to streamline, simplify and unclutter my world) I decided to sit down with my stack of magazines, a glass of red, and my embarrassingly backed-up tivo list ~ to finally go through each magazine, one by one, with a vengeance like my latest closet reconstruction.

I plowed through my Lucky mags first because they are ingeniously pre-tagged with those cute little stickers. I ripped out each page and sorted them into fancy little folders labeled for FASHION and HOME. This will make it really easy to go back to later and decide which websites I want to visit, bloggers I want to get to know, and looks I want to achieve. If you're really organized, you can label each folder by month and create your very own yearly magazine of your most favorite things!

The home section is especially fun for me because we're moving back into our charming Venice Beach bungalow come summertime, and I need lots of ideas to make this tiny space a livable, spirited sanctuary for us and our chubby bundle of joy.

Trust me, this little project of mine was not a daunting task. It was actually quite fun and relaxing. And I finished the evening feeling not only accomplished, but newly inspired for things I had forgotten I loved.