A little Obsessed with Shoes

Friday, April 30, 2010

(Bonus item to closet reconstruction)

Ok, ladies... I'm gonna have to admit something. I'm a little obsessed with shoes. And right now I'm obsessing on a certain pair of shoes. Not just any shoes... the kind of shoes that make your legs look miles long, your height seem sky high, and your confidence about 'yay big'.

These Stuart Weitzman shoes are the stuff dreams are made of...

Stuart Weitzman Apron

They are not only gorgeous, and on point for this season's chunky heeled look, but comfortable, oh-so-chic and will go with EVERYTHING in your wardrobe.


Cuffed Trousers
Baggy Shorts
Rolled Jeans
Bathing Suits!

I have been obsessing over them since I tried them on several weeks ago when the cub fell asleep in her stroller, while I was happily strolling the Americana at Brand.

Only thing is... they're a little pricey. I know, I know... writing a blog about (amongst other things) fashion and then flinching at (ahem...) an $xyz-something price tag.

But who (besides a celebrity friend I know) can drop a few thou on a shopping trip like it's nobody's biz? Not I. Especially with child. A whole lotta guilt is associated with buying anything over a Benjamin Franklin for oneself.

So I have devised a plan. In a continuous effort to get rid of the old and make room for the new, I have made a deal with the hubs. Come up with most of the cash by selling more unworn items in my closet, and I will allow myself to buy these shoes. See, the hubs kinda likes that I'm an inventive shopper. I'm a good bargain hunter, so when I do spend substantial money on something of value, he gets it. But again, it's just not in the cards to always buy this sort of stuff. We're running a household, raising a child.

This not only gives me passionate motivation to get rid of more stuff that I would otherwise hang on to (and never wear) but will keep my wardrobe streamlined and current. Pretty genius pact, eh?

This deal was made as I was clearing out the garage for our move. I pulled out my packed-away by season-wardrobe, and dusted off the ol' summer beauties for another 'go round' in my world... But as I pulled out some silk dresses, cotton jumpsuits and trusty sheaths, I realized... there are very few items in this pile that I'm actually excited about wearing again. And a few of these heels, although designer etc... are gorgeous, they're just not the ones I desire with all my heart right now... (sigh)

So off to Crossroads I go...

Watch me make this happen.