Spring/Summer Musts for Your Guy

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A dear friend sent me an email yesterday and asked me to be so generous with the guys, and post some Spring and Summer Essentials for men. It's only fair, right?

This one happens to be easy for me cuz I'm already looking for a few key pieces for my man, and continuously plan his (and my daughter's) wardrobe in my head. I know, it's exhausting, but fun. And I just can't help myself.

When asking my husband to be the model for this project, he scowled, then smiled sweetly through clenched teeth and sighed "Ok, babe..."

See why I married him?

I'll put him out of his misery and pull from the internet too:

My top picks:

Striped boat neck 3/4 length tee - a la Pablo Picasso.
Not just a fan of the man, but have always been obsessed with his style, even later in his life. This is a gorgeous man and a gorgeous shirt that will never go out of style. Hugo Boss is doing a great version this season.

Light cotton button up, easy-to-throw-on shirt.
If vintage - even better. This is the hub's most favorite shirt. It was not hard finding a pic of him wearing it. I will have to pry it from his cold dead fingers. (Wait, that's kinda creepy. I love you, babe!) It was another Goodwill find. Around $5 bucks. You can pop a tee underneath, or wear alone on a warm day. But trim the chest hair, and don't unbutton too low. (Please!)

Loose and worn jeans rolled at the bottom.
(You can cuff your dark, fitted denim too) But NO skinny's. Boys wear skinny jeans, real men wear real denim.

(Above two photos courtesy of the Sartorialist. A daily fashion read MUST!)

Wear the cuffed stuff with oxfords or wingtip shoes. (Très cool!) Or you can also do low top sneakers without socks. Keep it worn and casual ~ we don't want you looking like you're trying too hard.

Seersucker pants
Maybe this has something to do with the childhood crushing on that preppy boy at school, but I am and always will be a fan of the seersucker. They're more pulled together than jeans, but can still be worn casual with sandals (men who wear sandals are so sexy!), sneakers, tees or a nice button up.

Some sort of cargo. Abercrombie always does cool versions.

No logos, or cheesy little sayings. The "vintage" rock tee is a little played out too. When in doubt, get a good gray, black and white. Slim fit and soft. You can wear these alone or layered. I like Alternative Apparel and American Apparel.

See above Sartorialist photo.

(Assuming you have a decent Spring/Summer suit in your closet - think gray or beige...)

Your blazer can be worn with jeans and will also work for a casual cocktail affair, even for a casual office, or casual Friday.

Banana Republic does beautiful and affordable suits.

And remember... your ladies love you. Especially when you're lookin' good.