Cheap and Chic

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh, you're gonna love me.

I found a website that sells wholesale clothing for just dollars! It's based out of Hong Kong and it doesn't get much more affordable than this. Go to Causewaymall right now. This is the spot to get your tee's, tights, and trendy stuff.

Bonus: you usually have to order two pieces at a time (which would still be a great deal if you were to pair up with a friend), but they are now allowing just one item ordering. The shipping is a tad steep, so I would recommend getting a few girlfriends together anyway and splitting the cost. Still a great deal and an excuse to get together! (Vino anyone?)

Some of my picks below:

This gorgeous lace top is exactly what I've been looking for and it's only $8.55!

I have to order this romantic top with little tiny horses immediately. Don't you just love the colors? And you can't beat $7.47 with a stick.

You know you still want the belt from the movie.

Oh, ya... and it's like $2 bucks. (On a side note, how excited are we that Aidan is back?!)

There's also a bunch of lounge-y, comfy tees... all around $5 bucks.

And this flirty little floral dress ($7.47) is going to go great with my Weitzman heels.

You're welcome.