Lost Luggage and Gained Perspective

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's like the universe is testing my simplified life request.

If the airport has ever lost your luggage, you know how annoying this is. Especially when you're traveling with child, on the 2nd leg of your 3-cities-in-a-row travel bonanza. So when this happened to us yesterday upon arrival to my brother's small town-home town, I was a bit perturbed, to say the least.

Luckily I stuffed an extra outfit for the little one, and some makeup essentials for me, in my carry on. What did I learn? You can survive on very little. (Especially in small town USA!)

Speaking of, how gorgeous are these photos from UK Vogue March 2010?

Here's some of my favorite essentials that I can't live without. You know, 5 items, desert island (er, Stillwater, Oklahoma)... you get the gist.

Shiseido Eyelash curler

The best one I have found to date. And I am a bit obsessive about curling my lashes throughout the day. Nothin' will open your eyes and your face more.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Love this mascara! It doesn't flake and separates beautifully because of the thin and curved wand.

Cover Girl Concealer

Can't go wrong with a classic.

Becca Mineral Powder

So natural looking but with amazing coverage. You can go without foundation if need be.
Murad Lip Care

This is a new find, and it's magnificent. It's not just for lips. You can use this on your entire face, and after a long flight, it's a must! It also doubled as my night moisturizer because mine was lost somewhere in Denver!

I find that if you have these basics, you can pull it together long enough to make it to the drugstore, or find your luggage - whichever comes first!

But interestingly enough, I haven't even missed my stuff. And the longer I'm here, I wonder... do I really need it? Should I shave my head and move to Tibet?

Well at the very least, it's kind of nice not to worry about these things for a bit... and the family and love surrounding me is enough to keep me flushed.

(But check back in later... I may have made a quick dash for some red lips at the dollar store!)