Skinny Trick/Tofu

Monday, May 17, 2010

You know what I love just about as much as clean living, changing seasons, and New York's crisp summer air at the moment?

I love me some tofu. No, I'm not a vegetarian, I just happen to really like the stuff, and find that when you replace tofu in your diet with a meal or two that would otherwise be fattening, it's an easy way to stay trim. The key to enjoying it is HOW you make it.

I think I've pretty much mastered the art of throwing in whatever I have in the kitchen and making a meal out of this joyful little bean curd.

First off, get the extra firm tofu. It holds together much better than the soft stuff

Always cook the tofu in the pan first, almost burning the edges to give it some substance. Throw it in a non-stick pan with some onions for flavor. Next add some sort of dressing. Salad dressing works just fine, soy sauce, Braggs Amino Acids (best stuff on the planet, I could do a whole blog just about this product), or even a touch of white wine!

Once that simmers and the tofu browns a bit, chop and throw in whatever vegetables you have on hand. For carrots or broccoli, add a little bit of water or more liquid to soften them up.

If you have canned tomato, this is a fantastic way to add flavor (and powerful antioxidants!) to the dish. Boil, then simmer until all the liquid is gone.

If I have any canned beans, (kidney or garbonzo, or both work fine) this is when I toss them in. They don't really need to cook, just warm up and mix with the flavors.

Voila! Yummy, easy (healthy!) dish! Enjoy!