Sleep or Shoes?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ok, I'm not gonna make this a mom thing, but if you are one, then you know how precious and few our free moments are. So when the cub is sleeping, and the house is quiet, even if those blood shot eyes are blurring through your cool nerdy glasses, you will strain to stay awake on your computer, browsing the net for dreams, desires and wishes for that tightly gripped, last grasp of fashion sanity.

If you're not there yet, then hop on the "I know you can relate" train where my current insomniac shoe shopping is making me lose major amounts of shut-eye.

This pretty much sums up everything that is desirable at the moment. Strong, bold choices. A red, a patterned, a big nude or brown sandal and some jet black sex appeal. I found some serious bargains while dipping into my cherished "Z" time and found you these choices from Amazon. I happen to have a gift card that brought me there in the first place. Who knew Amazon was such a great place to shoe shop? And the nav bar is pretty easy, narrowing your choices by shoe size, price range, color and designer. (The prices vary based on availability.)


Sexy, black platform heels, sandals or booties. My last closet reconstruction left me a little barren in this department. But this is ok. The whole point was to get rid of the junk and make room for the new. And now all I'm left with are some very sturdy, classic, mary-jane-mid-heel, Banana Republic's that are just... hmmm... (no offfense, Banana) boring? Safe, modest, black shoes are good. They are a staple. But I need some sex! ~ (APPEAL. Get your mind outta the gutter.)

ALDO Macksey - Peep-toe Pumps $90.00

ALDO Withey - Women Platform Pumps Price: $80.00

ALDO Gureczny - Women Peep-toe Pumps $74.98

You probably already have the bootie in your wardrobe, and these are gorgeous. How about these doc martin inspired rock boots?


Dolce Vita Women's Vince Opem Toe Bootie $79.98 - $80.34
ALDO Rubash $48.74

I mean, could you die for these art inspired platforms? It's like Van Gogh had a love affair with these ALDO Heschke Pumps! $115.00


Sky-high, chunky brown/neutral wedges or platform sandals. Oh, I want, I want, I want... And I just can't get the Weitzman's out of my head. I documented my mission for these shoes by selling some rarely worn designer duds in my closet, in order to purchase these guilt-free. But then I stumbled upon these babies last night. What do you think? Hold out for the gold, or satisfy my craving via Amazon right now?

Jessica Simpson Women's Stone $110.00

MIA Women's Studio Platform Sandal $59.95

And finally...


Aldo Whitsey - Women's Platform Pumps $110.00

Now Jessica Simpson Js-Acadia Platform Pump $64.90 - $91.00

Now I just have to narrow down my wish list and make a decision! See you tonight around midnight, you naughty little shoes...