Thrift score shopping

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage button down $5.00
Leopard Heels $7.50
Belt $2.00
Sunglasses $3.00
(Out of the Closet)

This photo is horrible. It really is. Just another reason to move on from Blackberry and on to the iphone... (but omg, all the probs with the new version, have you heard?)

But whatevs. Thrift score shopping. I win! And I just had to capture the moment! On a rare afternoon to myself, I decided to do what I do best - HUNT. (Perhaps I was a caveman in a former life, who knows?) But man, I love this shiz. It simply makes me happy. Nothin' like the thrill of a good find.

The cashier tapped her fingers impatiently while I found the best angle to "phone shoot" my gems and I didn't even care. All of these items for $17 bucks!! They may look like nothin' now... but you just wait.

A dear friend and future business partner came over for drinks tonight and we were discussing the world of blogs... and how the fashion ones can sometimes be so sickeningly self-indulgent. Hmm. Well, I'll take stock of that and try not to bore you with my best ANTM poses in the near future. But what I will do is rock these items like it's nobody's biz, to show you how you can look fab on a dime, with just a little time, patience, and love.

Stay tuned...