Whispers & Dirty Martini's

Monday, July 5, 2010

I met a friend over the weekend for some filthy dirty martini's and a much-needed girl movie (Grey Goose & Eclipse - don't judge), and she had on the most stunning outfit.

Long, flowing skirt in the prettiest, most muted brown, and a vintage inspired eyelet shirt in crisp, crisp white.

We laughed and drank (and drank some more) and marveled at our history in this town and the capricious, sometimes fleeting friendships we have encountered in all our years in LA. But then we decided to just be glad about it, have another martini, and be grateful for the tried and true friendships that have lasted.

We lingered in each others company, (laughed some more!) and sipped down to the last salty olive, until we had to rush off down Sunset boulevard to see our beloved love story... skirts swirling in the wind...

I haven't found anything better (or more affordable!) than Zara's line at the moment for everything feminine, billowy and soft that whispers "I am a girl..." Add in the most subtle hint of an edge, and it will keep you looking lovely without being too precious.

Appreciate your friends! xx