How to apply false lashes

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here are a few tips for one of my favorite, most glamorous looks. Fake eyelashes are so bold, so fun and they really make your eyes POP.

They may seem a bit difficult to apply, but with a little practice (and my secret little handy tool!) they're a cinch!

Now first things first. Curl your real lashes and apply two coats of your favorite mascara. This is what will help the lashes stick.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

A full flirty lash. I prefer a strip over the individual ones, as they're much easier to apply (and even more fabulously bold!) I also prefer (believe it or not) the less expensive drug-store ones. Revlon and Ardell both do really great lashes that you can get for just dollars.
Tip: unless you have incredibly beautiful, large almond-shaped eyes, (and if you do, I hate you) I always cut off about an inch of the lash on the inner corner ~ (leaving the longest lashes for the outter edge of your eye.)

Eyelash glue:

This lash glue works great. Use sparingly and run a thin line of glue along the strip of the lash. Blow gently on the glue and let it set for about 3 seconds before applying to your lid. Leave a little space empty of just your natural lash on the inner corner.

Now's here my special trick/tool:
Metal salon hair clips!

You probably have one or two of these just thrown in your makeup drawer, and if you don't - get some. They are amazing for helping you blowdry sections of your hair and also when applying lashes!

Once you apply the lashes to your eyelid, use the hair clip to press into your lash line and keep the glue in place. Repeat the motion while pushing the lashes up in a curling motion.

Once it dries, resist the urge to add more mascara. You won't need it. Use a little black eyeliner to disguise any glue or separation between your real lashes and the strip. Go easy on the lips - gloss or a nice nude will balance out your look.

Enjoy being gorgeous. xx