Mad Looks

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

While sinking into our Sunday shows the other night, the hubs and I poured ourselves some wine, nestled into our comfy couch (3 dogs deep!) and contemplated two very different alternate realities.
I asked him "would you rather live in the Mad Men world, or the Entourage world?" His answer was surprising (and a bit disconcerting, if you ask me!) But that's the thing about love... you gotta forgive.
Can you guess mine?

(Sigh) I love everything about this era! Well, in clothing anyway. And I'm constantly trying to find a way to reinvent the 60's into modern wear.

As I hunt through my (almost organized!) closet, for some Mad Men-ish delights, I realize why I love fashion so much...
It's simply the little girl in me... Playing dress up!
And I vow to make her world as magical as it is in my head.

For munchie (and the little girls in all of us!)

With Love xx