Beauty Trick: Gorgeous Gams

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm a fan of the occasional spray tan (best one in L.A. here) but for the days when that's just not possible, I have a trick that keeps my (naturally pasty) legs looking golden, flawless and shimmer-tastic!

  • Mix equal parts of your favorite foundation (it works best if you have a color that's a bit dark for you, such as your summer color, or perhaps a foundation accidentally purchased a shade too dark.)
  • And equal parts of your favorite lotion. I like to use the kind that has a bit of shimmer to it.
  • And a touch (just a touch!) of self tanning cream.
  • Rub on legs as you would regular lotion. Use the remaining on your arms.
  • Wash your hands. Let your legs dry a bit before putting on clothing. They will look flawless!