Fashion's Night Out/Part II

Friday, September 17, 2010

A week ago today, last friday, (and on the heels of my latest how-to) I decided I'd wear one of my recent thrift scores to the much anticipated Fashion's Night Out on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, CA.
Deciding what to wear was sort of a no brainer, as I live for these kinds of fashion opportunities.
This little sparkly number was originally a shirt (I'm guessing to a shirt/skirt combo? Ew!) But I decided the shirt was just long enough to wear as a dress. (I rocked tights & tiny shorts underneath, just to be sure!)
I actually purchased the denim jacket on the same
thrifting day, not knowing I'd wear them together, but it ended up being a perfect fit! (just like this studded wrap belt I was 'this close' to purchasing!)
It truly was a divine experience, mixing all the things I adore the most...
Including another reason to dress up with my (other) favorite guy.
So go ahead ~ make bold choices. Decide that shirt was meant to be a dress. Wear blue nail polish, skip to the bar... Live, breathe, laugh and love out loud.