Harvest Moon ~ Fall Equinox

Friday, September 24, 2010

Saying hello to Fall has never been more magical. Not since 1991 has a Full Moon occurred on the same night as the Autumn Equinox. And not until 2029 will it happen again. This rare and mystical occurance took place last night around 11pm... what were you doing?
Taking one last chance to wear my beloved boho kaftans and warm summer night gear, the hubs and I sat on our back porch swing, sipped champagne, and talked about the holidays to come.
We also caught a concert on TV of James Taylor & Carole King performing live at L.A.'s Troubadour back in 2007. An epic night that I wish I could have experienced...

I am in sincere awe of both of them. Something about each of their voices brings me into such a calm state of peace and childlike happiness, that I can't help but smile, dance, and remember wonderful days in my lifetime... like a slide show of memories with each favorite tune...
Check out this video of them both back in 1971 performing So Far Away. (Miss King was so adorable and stunningly beautiful! ~ A long haired hippie man Taylor wasn't so bad himself!)
Sending much love and wishes for a beautiful fall season, filled with everything that makes you feel good. xx