Beauty Inspiration: Debbie Harry

Monday, October 25, 2010

Headed for a night out with one of my favorite fashionista's, we played a little dress up game called "who do you wanna be tonight? (It doesn't suck having girlfriends in the styling/makeup biz...)
Well... Debbie Harry, of course.  
Her kick ass style, bleached blonde hair (been there, done that, may do that again...) and soulful eyes (always rimmed to noir perfection!) make her not only a deserved icon, but killer fashion muse as well.

Enter: lots of gold, black, hard edges and attitude.
Did I mention her soulful side?
Debby Harry
There'll come a time you need a friend
When disappointment follows you around
and although we scheme in the shallow end
Both mice and men continue to be drowned
So if you're out and get caught in the rain
Just give a smile cast your line out again
When you are down keep on going
Determination will change your luck
And although it's been said before
There is always someone worse off than you
With the milk of human kindness on the floor
Your tears will only turn it a shade of blue

Tips for Blondie makeup: 
Throw balance out the window, like a rockstar does a hotel lamp!
  • Be heavy handed on glossy lips.
  • Lots of black eyeliner. 
  • Rim the inside and outside of your eyes, all the way to the edges. 
  • Follow up with shadow over and underneath the eye. 
  • Define those cheekbones.
Gold jacket H&M, Sequined top (pinned to be one-shoulder) Aqua, Fringe bag - hobo, belt - vintage.