French Girl in Mar Vista

Monday, November 15, 2010

OK, so I'm not really French. Well, scratch that - I am a little bit. Probably somewhere in the tenth percentile on my father's side.  But you never really know, do you?
Speaking of, have you guys caught the PBS series Faces of America?  It's a genealogical project following the history of some of our beloved celebs...  (Genealogy - yet another thing on my To Do list!!)
Anyway, one of my favorite things to do over the weekend is to look for Farmer's Markets to buy fresh produce for the upcoming week.
The problem is, if they're cool markets, they tend to get overcrowded and saturated with too many unnecessary trinkets.

Which is why my family and I were super excited to find one (in a secret spot in Mar Vista!) that offers the delicious basics (and enough space to actually walk around and enjoy it!)
We found some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes that we cut up with a perfectly ripe avocado, and drizzled with balsamic later that night. Delish!
I'm loving these crisp, cool nights and the anticipation for everything winter based, aren't you?
And it was literally like Christmas when I pulled out a forgotten bag of winter clothes bearing gifts of sweaters, coats, and red berets alike!

Yet another reason I love packing away by season ~ sometimes it's a happy surprise when you forget!

Striped turtleneck - Club Monaco
Thrifted sunglasses