Vintage Florals & The Goddess Boutique

Thursday, November 18, 2010

When my beautiful sister comes to visit me, it's a mad dash to catch up on any moments we've missed with each other, plan our next creative plan of attack, and check out things and places that inspire us.
True, she only lives an hour away, but when one of our hectic lives offers a free day to spare - we just get so damn excited to hang out!
And I'm also a bit spoiled because she is a truly gifted makeup artist, turning any photo shoot ops into more girly fun time.
It's like we're little girls again playing dress up. Only with professional tools.
We knew just the place to head to when a friend recommended we check out the Goddess Boutique on Lincoln. 
And the moment we stepped in, we realized why...
It was a wonderland of jewels and gems, indie designer clothing, to-die-for accessories and boots like this (for around $20!!)
I can't wait to share more photos and finds from this darling little store.  Check back in tomorrow for a fabulous giveaway from my new favorite place to shop!
 Floral Dress, sunglasses & bracelet - Vintage
Boots - Aldo