Inspired blogger/Love Charles Vintage

Monday, December 13, 2010

One of my favorite things about this blogging world, is being introduced to and inspired by like minded and kindred spirits.

While doing research for a pending project, I came across this lovely lady (above) at Love Charles Vintage.
Not only does she have that eagle eye for fantastical, to-die-for vintage pieces...
But her intention after school is to pack it all up in a van, and travel the the U.S. while  scouring local thrift shops (and photographing the entire experience along the way!)

A woman after my own heart indeed. 
Check out her blog and etsy store and try not to snatch up every delicious goodie in there. 
It's brave, brazen, gutsy gals like this that keep me going, believing, and dreaming every day. Polish off those dreams, ladies... 2011 is right around the corner!

With love,
T xx 

1 via Love Charles Vintage 2 - 4 via We<3it