Beauty Trick ~ Lovely face/lovely hands

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You can tell a woman's age not only by her face, but also by those hard working hands.
Whether those hands are those of a photographer, a mother, a baker, a therapist, (or so many countless other important jobs that we do...) you need to take care of them, just as you would that lovely face.
So as simple as this trick may seem... Use the same product on your hands as you do on your face.
No, I'm not suggesting you invest in even more of your nightly serum...

It's easy ~ as you're putting on your nightly face cream, save that last little bit of product and make an effort to cover the top of your hands.
I alternate between Olay Micro Sculpting Cream and Sanitas Serum, and never ever waste a drop. Try it, I swear it makes a difference! xx

Fuzzy Faux Jacket - F21
Nail polish - Essie
(1st coat Baby's Breath, 2nd coat Ballet Slippers)