At Home...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Typical at-home, daily uniform: Vintage jeans, Alternative Apparel tee, scarf in the hair.
The answer to your question is no. I do not dress up every day. Who on earth could do that? Especially if you often work and write from home, you're a mom, (where typical days consist of toddler temper tantrums, markers that "claim" to be washable and yogurt splatters from head to toe) along with other not-so-glamorous tasks.

But I do try to pay attention, and make an effort... how little that may be sometimes. (Thank goodness for creating a business that forces me to do so!)

Bottom line: it's just as easy to throw on well fitting and interesting jeans, as it is sweats. A pretty scarf instead of a hair clip. If you work at home, get dressed in the morning, swipe on some lipstick and see how it changes your day.  I try to remind myself to remember to be a woman.

And hey, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But I always feel better when I do.

Here's to feeling lovely! xx