Fashion trick ~ Keep a Jumpsuit in your car!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You never know when you'll need it! I found one in the trunk of my car when I needed it most! Accidental genius! Some favorites, in all prices ranges.
Only Hearts, Venice Lounge Jumpsuit - Shopbop $115 
Chanel Vintage Sleeveless Jumpsuit - Farfetch $1461

 Tread Print Strapless Jumpsuit - Forever21 $22.80
Zippered Surplice Jumper - Forever21 $27.80
Wrap Front Jumpsuit - Victoria's Secret $88
{I heart, heart, heart this one!} 

I did a major closet clean out recently (I try to do this a few times a year - see some tips here  and here ) and threw three bags of clothes in my trunk. One to send off to donation, and two to trade at Crossroads. My Saturday was jam-packed with family in town, two birthday parties, and work all in one day. And I didn't have time to go home in between any of it. Nightmare. I wish I could say that I'm one of those fabulous women who can rock a single piece three or four different ways, for several different events, (like this fab mama here) but I'm just not. I think it's because I put entirely too much thought into each look, for each event. (Pretty sure this is a problem...)
As we were on our way to our final destination of the evening, I was regretting my choice of dress that was just not right for the cocktail party ahead. I was bummed, exhausted and not feeling cute at all. (You know the feeling. Ek.) Wait. Wait, wait, wait... I have a jumpsuit somewhere in the "sell" pile of the trunk! (This jumpsuit I wore here & here, to be exact.) And you know what? It totally worked! I found a random set of bangles in my bag, threw my hair up in a bun and felt good as new!
Now I know what you must be thinking... why would I be getting rid of something that ended up working so perfectly for my wardrobe necessity at hand? Good question. I think I'm a bit obsessive about organization and rotating my clothing. I want to be in love with something I own, or it has to go. But I learned a very valuable lesson; There's nothing wrong with a very solid piece of clothing that will get you through the day (or night, as it seems).

Lesson learned. Ladies, keep something in your trunk that you like just enough to hold onto, but don't care enough about to actually miss in your closet. A quick change to freshen up, might be just the thing you need on that busy day out! And what better item than a jumpsuit that can be rocked in a casual or dressed up way! xx

{See how my girl, Noa rocked her favorite jumpsuit at Secondhand Star here}