Sunday Finds & My First Vintage Skirt

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Monday, lovely friends... I found this perfect black poly button up on a $1 thrift shop and after a few button repairs, it was as good as new! I'm loving it with my very first (ever!) thrifted skirt that I had redesigned into a mini. It was serendipitously cool that I found it just in the nick of time for fall, after being packed away for SEVERAL lost seasons in a suitcase I never use.
(New here? I'm obsessed with scoring vintage pieces and making $1 thrift finds look like a million. (The key is mixing in designer/high end and often just a good shoe/bag!) I do major vintage redesigns with my styling partner and we share tutorials with you on how to do it all at Secondhand Star - check it out here!)
Speaking of awesome finds, my Sunday thrift shop yesterday did not disappoint... Ready?
This FREAKING ADORABLE knit vintage fox sweater for a cool $3.25 (Don't you just love?!)
And this truly unique blouse for $1 that I just pulled off the rack and purchased without even trying it on. I KNEW it would work tucked into a fitted pencil. I was right.
Stay tuned to see how I styled them both! And check back in this week for the winner of the leather bracelet giveaway, another (A-MAZING) jewelry giveaway, pix from event coverage, and more!