Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some recent looks, only captured via iPhone...

Calypso Sweaters (1 & 2) Vintage Wooden Bangles and one from Express...
A favorite yellow coat (United Colors of Benetton) - No doubt going into winter storage soon...
And these amazing vintage wide-legs, found via thrift for $1, but after drycleaning and zipper repair, they had me out $20 bucks. Oh well... sometimes this happens. It always makes me laugh.

{You can see all of my snapshots if you follow me on instagram}


  1. Too bad that coat is going into storage. It's so pretty.

  2. I love these snapshots, I think it is because it is quite a personal moment captured in an image. Does that sound weird? haha


  3. just found your blog! love that you are in LA too(i spy brentwood country mart!) --- that calypso poncho is TDF and its on sale (might have to order : )
    stop by and take a peek


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