Mumu Tunic Kaftan Dress

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Remember when the word "mumu" was super uncool? These days a roomy kaftan or tunic (or mumu, as I like to say) equals super boho chic, if you ask me. And lucky for those of us in the family way, these suckers are perfect and deliciously easy to wear. Just make sure to start belting above the bump, or you'll end up looking like a giant, round, printed ball. For the rest of you, keep it loose and easy.

Have a happy day!

Mumu - A ridiculous score at Ross, but I found you some similar: 
in highmid & low price ranges
Belt & Bangles - Vintage
Earrings - Forever 21(similar)

Currently listing to


  1. I love your outfit - the orange and red colours on your mumu are very pretty and perfect for Springtime!


  2. I'm a sucker for a muumuu! I'm with you, there's nothing easier or more boho chic. Cute accessories are key, for sure.

    The Suburb Experiment

  3. You look beautiful and I love your dress!

  4. That dress is crazy adorable on you! Just came across your blog and can't wait to follow along :)

    xx Lynzy

  5. Love the print on this tunic! You look radiant as always! Great shoes and bangles too mama! will think I am a skitzo who can't make a decision....I ended up getting the Chan Lu Grey maxi for my beach was so natural and beautiful AND it was only 98 dollars with discounts etc. i also grabbed the peacock blue wrap dress and am in LOVE!!! it is amazing..and will be perfect come Sept/Oct after lil man arrives. The Chan Lu I got in Medium and it is SNUG through fits Two more weeks til photos...hope the tata's don't grow. C

  6. Carly - that Chan Lu maxi is gorge too! Calypso is having ridiculously good sales online right now. Glad you scored! And I can't wait to see your pix!! xx

  7. And thanks, everyone. Lynzy - welcome! xx

  8. This little tunic dress looks adorable on you - such pretty colors!



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