Raising a Boy, To Do lists & Winner Announced

Friday, May 18, 2012

At my last doc appointment, I rocked some sparkle and silver to keep things interesting. (You better believe I took that heavy metal off while being weighed though!) 24 weeks today and we'll get to see him on ultrasound! 

They say the best things in life come to those who wait, but I'm already feeling super anxious (nervous?) about the arrival of this little guy. There's something about the responsibility of raising a little man that has me on my toes. I just want to do right by him. Be the mother he needs to be the best man he can be. And it just hit me like a ton of bricks what a responsibility that is.

On top of it, I constantly have a million To Do lists running through my head. I have a serious need for things to be taken care of already! (Things like moving into a new home, setting up the baby's room...) but I know life never really works that way, and I just have to go with the flow and find other ways to cure my nesting need.

On my list: 
~ Create & Print our wedding album
(Yes, we never did this. How sad! See why I need to do this before baby #2 comes? It will never get done! I was working on doing it through Blurb, but wonder if there's an easier program...)

~ Organize my recipe book
(This is a giant task. It's a mess. Not sure if I want to print it from a digital creation, or just hole punch & bind loose papers. I'm way too nostalgic! There are recipes written in family and friends handwriting that I adore! Still looking for inspiration on how to accomplish this.)

~ Make a home binder
(I plan on ordering these amazing printables here. I can't tell you how good it will feel to have this done!)

~ Scan important photos & album them all
(I have a box full of old photos. It is my dream to have them all organized by date, and also find a way to hang on to those wonderfully sentimental letters, poems, writings and things, without keeping the clutter.) 

(This is a good idea here.)

Anything you're currently working on that you'd like to share? 

Oh, yes! Congrats...

Elizabeth Mays! You're the winner of the Misikko flat iron contest! Super thrilled that a hard working teacher won this this prize. You certainly deserve it. Yay! Email me for details. xx

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