Inspiration book - a collage project

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hi friends! A quick hello on a busy Friday. As you know, I've been on a mission to organize my life and home lately. A project that has been looming (or sitting in a basket in the corner of my bedroom, collecting dust) is a pile of magazine tears that needed some serious attending to.
Fan of Pinterest? Ya, me too. But sometimes it's good to see your vision boards in person. And with my current home lacking space to actually "hang" a board, I'm now collecting and collaging in a book, that I actually started many years ago. It's fun to see the things that inspired me way back then (some of which still do!) and just paste over the ones that no longer cut it, with my current obsessions and loves. 
It's becoming a cool little book and keepsake of my life in art and fashion... almost a time capsule of sorts. I'm adding in random notes from love, old fan letters, sketches from my daughter and personal musings and random thoughts.
A bottle of Modge Podge, a paint brush and a little imagination is all it takes!