Borrowed Boho Summer Dress - Maternity Style - 31 weeks!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I had so much fun shooting my maternity photos the other day. Sometimes it's simply wonderful to have such talented family and friends. There was Moroccan belly painting in the theme of my upcoming baby shower... Sexy, silly (slightly cheeky) mommy-to-be shots, then some fun family photos with my two loves, to top it off.

We took a stroll to Abbot Kinney to pick up pizza at the end of the day, and I practically ripped this dress off of my photographer friend to borrow it for a bit. Exactly my style and such an easy maternity look for summer. I found you some similar versions here and here to get you through the summer heat, pregnant or not.

Much love and gratitude to my sisters and Karri Bowman Photography. I love you guys so much! xx