Dear Stella

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It seems like only 5 minutes ago that you were this small... My tiny, chubby, yummy little baby. How does the time get away from us this way? How did you grow to be so big, so fast? I'm so proud of you already. You are kind and smart and strong and funny... and you make my heart glow and melt and burst with happiness on a daily basis. 

As the time gets closer (and closer and closer) to the arrival of your little brother, I want you to know something... you will always be special. You will always be my first. You will always be my precious little girl, no matter how big, or old, or grown-up you get. Nothing and no one will ever take my love away from you. My love will just get bigger (and bigger and bigger) to fit around the four of us. 

This I can promise you. 

Like the song I sing to you at night, the one I wrote to you when you were in my belly...

Baby Stella, baby Stella, baby Stella
She is the one
Baby Stella, baby Stella, baby Stella
We're gonna have so much fun
We're gonna laugh
We're gonna play
We're gonna sing and dance
all day
I love you
A lot right now


  1. Such a sweet post, T! :) Made me tear up!

    I've said it already but I am beyond excited for you and wish you a swift and amazing delivery!! Cannot wait to see this little boy!!


    1. Aw thanks, Jen! You are so sweet. I'm really excited for you too! It's going to be the biggest love you've EVER known. Such a gift. I'm loving watching your tiny bump grow and how you style it. xx

  2. This is SO sweet!! Congrats to y'all!

    I'm slightly terrified about Sadie's arrival and how it might affect Max. I think I've been trying not to think about it (but preparing him at the same time). I hope all goes well for you and your family of four. I look forward to hearing more!


    1. Hi Tara, It's a bit scary, I know! I'm trying my best to stay calm too. A lot of work for us ahead!! Lots of love to you and your fam. xx

  3. OMG..this makes me want to look through old photo albums from when Connor was little little...can you believe we will be holding newbies so soon.

    I am SURE you are restless as me...over it and ready to hold my baby boy.
    Sending thoughts of labor your way..wishing you all things healthy, easy and wonderful.

  4. Awwww! Just the other day (due to packing and unpacking) I was looking at my Stella's baby pictures... I do not know where the time has gone. What I remind MY Stella quite often when the little jealousy bug bites due to Ruby-

    me:"Stella you are the baby that made mommy a mommy. Without you I never would have been able to love anyone as much."

    Stella:"Mommy, Ruby is the baby that made me a Big Sister, right?!?"

    My Stella loves being a big sister more than anything in the world. It was amazing to hear her put it all together too- especially seeing she is just 4!

    Congrats to your Stella on the HUGE new job she will have as big sister! xo

    1. That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! What a good mommy you are... and what a sweet Stella YOU have. xx


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