Mama Boho Style - Maternity 37 weeks!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My sweet sister loaned me this dress she found via thrift, and although I'm usually not a lavender fan, I really loved the flow and double layering effect. You should see how different it looks on her. Cinched at the "actual" waistline - total cuteness... But I was happy to take it for a spin maternity style in my signature boho look.
Notice my "done button" above? Yep. We're getting there. It's nice to know that if little dude came right now, most likely all would be well. 37 weeks is considered full term, and I tell ya, I'm full DONE.
These past few weeks have flown by, with so much going on (I'll be sure to post pix of Stella's 3rd birthday party soon), and so much to do in preparation for little man. Except for the nights, of course, with sleep becoming one of those rare anomalies, and one of those things I just remember in a foggy state of restlessness. 
Sort of like my waistline. Which I'm eager to remember very soon, and in a very clear way. 
Until then, I'll try to treasure these last few moments with my beloved little man bump. 


  1. wow!i totally love those pics!!!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Time flies! I'm 28 weeks now too. Yikes!

    I'll be happy to meet my daughter but sad to see my bump go. Bumps are fun (minus all the other pregnancy issues).


  3. CUTE! I am also 37 weeks - can't believe it, not much time left! So glad I stumbled upon your blog - newest follower! Hope you'll visit my blog and follow back if you enjoy it as well!

  4. Your ideas inspire and make you dream.

  5. I really love that dress! When are you due? I feel like I have a lot to do, but probably this is probably all that will get done!

  6. Gah, I love this T! So boho prego chic! You look GORG! :)

    Cannot wait for this little boy to arrive! Cannot wait to see his cute little face!!



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