Off to the doc! Maternity look 38 weeks!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm not going to tell you how much weight I've gained in total, but a visit to the doc yesterday had me rethinking my daily dose of meatball sandwich. I try not to focus on such nonsense, knowing I'll get back to pre-pregnancy shape by my birthday in December (that's my goal anyway)... but I did have the nurse check the numbers twice. (Something must be wrong with your scale!)
I guess there are more important things to focus on, like the (almost 7lb!) healthy little dude inside my belly. Apparently he's not ready to come this week, and we have a little itty bit left to go. Trying to hang on, hang in and still put some jewelry and makeup on once in a while...

These bits came off upon immediate entrance to my house, however. I type to you barefoot and in a topknot! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. xx

Blazer - Forever21 (avail here)
Heels - Sam Edelman (avail here)
Jewelry - JewelMint + Express + H&M
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  1. I'm proud of you for still rocking them though! Meanwhile I'm struggling to get into my jeans. Maybe I'll aim for December too.

  2. at this point, it is what it is, right?
    I actually have gained less this time than with Connor...I gained 42 pounds with him...and hey, it all came off- so who cares! trying to spend this last week 1/2 fattening up the lil guy...we are same as you.. a little shy of 7 lbs..Connor was 9 and I am afraid of smaller, tiny...but Con was 2 weeks overdue, so there is no way I getting another 9 pounder....
    You look radiant as those Sam's...hang in there mama....

    PS..Stella's party looked like SO much fun!!!

  3. When I get pregnant I want look like a modern pregnant! Your outfit is perfect!!!! You look so stylish and also classy!!!



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