DIY ~ Scarf from old T-shirt!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I made this super easy scarf from an old linen T-shirt. I found the tutorial on Pinterest (here) and wanted to share with you just how easy it truly was. This shot was taken about one week after having my baby boy (does the lipstick conceal my utter exhaustion?) I'll tell you one thing... this scarf has gotten a lot of use, concealing my absolute udders due to breastfeeding. 
TMI? Sorry about that. Here's the tutorial...

Step 1: Snip in a straight line below the bust of the shirt.

Step 2: Cut strips (about an inch apart) at the bottom of the tee.

Step 3: Pull the strings to create a longer, skinner strip.

Step 4: Loop it around your neck!
Done! xx