Happy Halloween ~ Last minute costume ideas!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If you haven't already rocked a killer costume over the weekend and are looking for something to throw together on actual Halloween night (like me) here are a few ideas! You may already have most of this stuff in your closet!
This can be so pretty if you want it to be. Find some ears, buy some lashes, paint on some whiskers and a dainty nose and wear your most clingy black clothes. Meow!

If you're a vintage collector like me, you might already have a vintage pencil skirt and scarf in your wardrobe. If not, just stick to this silhouette and you'll be golden. Grab a toy gun and put your man in a suit and fedora and you're good to go!

Who doesn't have a striped shirt? I'd say wear a ski mask but I don't want you to cover up that pretty face. A black beanie will do the trick. Wear your toughest boots with your smallest skirt, a trench or leather coat and don't forget a big bag of cash.