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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The house hunt has begun. We are officially looking at houses. (!!!) And while it may be a bit premature to start designing a space that doesn't quite exist yet, I just can't help myself. It is, after all, my second passion next to styling. I've already created design board inspirations on Pinterest here, here and here and have come across some pretty amazing design sites, including my current fave, Purveyor through Curate.

Some serious items of consideration...

Cocktail Table 
It comes in several different finishes with an antique mirror top. 
Gorgeous and functional. 
(And the rounded shape makes it much safer for rambunctious little ones running around!) 

Buffet Table
Super sleek, super retro looking. 
It feels like something Don's third wife would design their living room around in Mad Men

Quilted & Wood Bed
The genius about this design is that is marries two different looks in one. 
I prefer a soft, quilted back, while the hubs likes to keep it sleek. 
How about both? Just adore this. Plus, it comes in Cal King!

Iron Mirror
Hand forged iron in such a unique round/link design. 
I'd hang it in an entryway to give guests a feel of our style right off the bat.  

High/Low Table
This could be used in so many different ways... 
From side table, to coffee table, to serving tray. 
It's pretty much a must have that would fit into any room.

I could go on and on... Hope you found a little design inspiration! For more info and location for retailers for these designs, go here.


  1. ooh! love the buffet table.

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