Post Pregs Body - Back to Work Look

Monday, October 1, 2012

Well, here we go... My first post-pregnancy shots. To be totally honest, I almost didn't share these, being super critical of myself right now. But I promised. And I also have to keep in mind that they were taken just three and a half weeks after Bodhi's birth. 

I'm getting there. I WILL GET THERE. Thanks to Weight Watchers and breastfeeding. (And a determination to get into all that yummy Fall fashion!)
Remember my Stella McCartney look inspiration here? These Gap pants I ordered online are a dream. I'll wear them way after the baby weight is gone. They feel like pajamas but have such a cool fit. The tank shows off my best (ahem) assets at the moment - also a great layering piece.
The blazer was an (almost) forgotten gift from a super stylish pal of mine for my birthday last year. It's true vintage YSL. That reminds me that I need to post some stylin' shots of him for all the guys out there. 

Have a fabulous week! xx

Blazer - Vintage Yves Saint Laurent
Pants - Gap
Tank - Gap
Pumps - Vintage
Quilted Bag - Nest 
Chain link bracelet & Necklace - Jewelmint