Casual Night Out (Husband's jeans)

Friday, January 25, 2013

*Side note - this clutch was thrifted many years ago and I decided one night to splash some acrylic paint onto it, Pollack style. From there, an idea was born to customize jeans and things with paint and poems. They were sold in a boutique in Hollywood for a while. Years later, I still love this clutch and can't stop distressing jeans in this way. 

Ok, first off - everything I'm wearing here (sans shoes) is thrifted. I love realizing that after I put together a new outfit. Secondly, this here is an almost mirror image of the look I showed you yesterday, but just amped a bit for night. Quick change out from black V-neck tee to this satiny button-up, a dab more lipstick, heels on, hair up, done!
Don't forget to check yesterday's post to compare this look from Day to Night!