{Snapshots} Couch shopping, hair chopping + OOTD

Saturday, February 9, 2013

This is what I threw on today to run around with the fam. The morning was sunny but crisp, so I pulled out the first thing at the top of my "bottoms" box and out emerged this skirt! Again!! It's funny how moving houses will force you to recreate different outfits out of the same few items at hand. I forgot how easy banded minis are. (Forever21 old, but similar here.) I may eventually tire of this Old Navy chambray but not any time soon. I don't think this H&M vest will ever be out of my rotation and my faux snakeskin flats from ideeli are wearing in nicely.
But back to life at present... We woke up way too early, with kiddos and toys in our bed, but also with a lot of love and excitement for unpacking, decorating and making this new house our own! 
We found the most perfect couch after much debate, coffee, and magazine inspirations...

But not before a certain little munchkin decided to cut some serious chunks out of her hair and present it to me in a bucket. She said she wanted short hair like mommy and clearly didn't want to wait, so took matters into her own hands. Stay tuned for matching mother/daughter bobs with bangs!