Styled by my sis

Monday, February 18, 2013

Whenever my sisters and I get together it's so creative and chaotic and crazy and fun. Collaboratively we love to dive into fashion, makeup, hair, beauty, music and any kind of art we can get our hands on for the (sometimes short) duration of our time together. As I mentioned yesterday, my sis, Lisa and I played a little game where I let her pick out anything from my closet to style me with. I couldn't look in the mirror to approve it or make any suggestions at all. Then we went into my back yard to do a little photo shoot. A certain little munchkin wanted to get in on the action and that makes these some of my favorite pictures ever. 

Tee - Calypso St. Barth
Pants - Vintage Redesign by Secondhand Star 
(Worn here)
Hat - My husband's grandfather's
(He wore it on our first date)
Bra - Hipster G.
Necklace - JewelMint
(Thanks to Julie, one of my awesome readers for the tip! It's FAB.)
Stella's gold peep-toes are from Old Navy (similar)


  1. Great style and really amazing pictures ♥
    Love your hat and your red lips!

    ♥, Nina

  2. Oh my gosh..these are the sweetest them:)
    You sister just exudes "cool"- from post below...and
    that last shot of you is kind of beyond.

    Haven't gotten my dress yet...but will email you as soon as I do..
    excited for our next collab lil lady...also obsessed w ALL things black and white right now, so the dress you picked out is just perfection.


  3. Beautiful. I love the simplicity. And these pants are still one of my favorite reconstructs!


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