Sunsets, Stripes & Savory Nights (+Aviation cocktail recipe!)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Blazer  - H&M
(Did you see my video rant about it here?)
Dress - Unknown label
(Via Crossroads Trading Company)
Sparkle flats - Bamboo

This past weekend was filled with family time, good food, and not one, but two sunsets I actually took a moment to notice. This evening in particular was sweet and savory. From the company, to the cuisine, to the cocktails... Here, on the patio of Post and Beam, I got to spend time with my littles, the hubs, my father in law in town from NY, and a girlfriend I hadn't see in forever! We devoured oven roasted brussels sprouts, shrimp and grits, incredibly delicious pizza and my new favorite drink; The Aviation Cocktail. Cheers to soaking it all in! xx