What is Styled by Stella?

Friday, May 31, 2013

I've been getting a lot of interest and questions lately about a feature I do called Styled by Stella. It's thrilling that this has become a popular post series, because it's one of my all-time favorites to do! Read some FAQ below. And thanks for the support!

What is Styled by Stella?
Styled by Stella is a weekly post I do on November Grey, where I let my three year old daughter choose my outfit for the day. She styles everything, head-to-toe. And I promise to wear it, shoot it, and share it with you here (no matter what!)
How did the idea of Styled by Stella come about? 
(*As noted on the first SBS post) 
As we were rushing around the house one morning, I was trying to find creative ways to encourage Stella to get her little bum in gear, stop fussing, and get herself dressed for preschool. Truth be told, it's so much easier to pick out her clothes for her, constantly tell her what to do, what to wear... But I really am trying to raise a free-thinking, independent, little lady here and when left to her own devices, she actually puts together seriously great outfits for herself! So it donned on me, why not have her put an outfit together for me? I told her if she hurried up and got dressed, I'd also let her rummage through my closet and pick and choose my outfit for the day. (Brave, I know.) Thus, Styled by Stella was born!
What is your favorite part about these posts?
It really has turned out to be a special bonding experience between me and my little girl. For us, it's a fun moment of sharing and laughing and just being girls together. The fact that so many of you are responding to it and enjoying it, is just a bonus.
Do you ever alter, add or remove anything before you shoot it? 
Never. It's all her. If I change into flats for the day, or wear it differently out in public, I always note that in the post. I try to wear it just as she styles it. But sometimes you have to change into flats for the afternoon!
Do you ever force her to do these posts, even if she doesn't want to? 
Of course not. I want this to be fun for her. There have been times I've asked her if she wants to style me and she'll simply say "No, thank you." If we ever skip a week in our Styled by Stella posts, this is likely the reason!
Do you think Stella has a future in the fashion business?
Who knows. Right now she's more interested in being a doctor than a princess and has been wearing pajamas to school for the past few days... whatever she turns out to do, I will support her!