This little guy...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

 Old Navy Chambray - JewelMint Necklace - Ace Commune Bracelet

Waves and crawls like lightening
Almost walks - wants to walk
Says "da da" and "bre" for bread
(Loves to eat bread)
Thinks his sister is the bees knees
Gets so excited to take a bath
Has two bottom teeth and uses them!
Still wakes up every night wanting to be with mama
(I'll take it!)

Bo James
9 months


  1. He is precious! I love his arm rolls!

  2. Ahhhh! What a freakin cutie pie. Love the update.
    We are doing some of the same... says dada and mama - but not really with intention..more just constant mamamamama and dadadadada but I will TAKE IT! lol.
    He is crawling and wants to walk too...infact he stiffens his legs and bends his back when you put him down to sit....he wants to JUST stand...and isn't too successful at it..ah vey.

    You look beautiful mommy, as always...
    How many days til Paris...wee wee????



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